Priceless Thursdays

Pretty flowers for prom date: $10.00

Rental fee for totally bitchin’ black and white tuxedo: $25.00

Rad new Mullet haircut that shows your wild side: $15.00

Thinking you’re the shit:



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  1. Rach-If you think he’s hot, you should see his date! Miss K was workin’ the hair and the three tiered ruffled dress.

    Kenny- Yes,you still do think you’re the shit. And sometimes you are.

    Chris- that’s exactly what I said when I saw this picture. The next thing was “dude this is going on my blog and you can’t even stop it.”

  2. That last caption needs to be changed to exactly what Kenny commented on ealrier.

    To sport that look, you need to know you’re the shit!

    Rock on Kenny “,,”

  3. Lynne- It’s rednecks and nerdy adolescent boys in the 80’s who listened to Guns n Roses, Whitesnake etc…Rednecks are still wearing them, the boys have moved on.

    TIM-MAY!-I knew you’d have to weigh in on this one! You’re jealous aren’t you?

  4. Dear Son-In-Law,
    You were HOT then, you are HOT now. If I knew how to make a screen saver, that would be it.
    Glad you ditched the mullet. You’re perfect without it.

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