1. Lynnie! Love you!

    Nethy-poo-Thanks ever so much for the visual aid! Luckily, despite it’s looks, my new shampoo dosn’t make my hair, ahem, stiff. It’s actually the best I’ve ever used. If it weren’t for the potential for severe neck injury, I’d be wildly tossing my head this way and that!

  2. Let’s not be mean now. I don’t look any better than that without makeup on. Poor dear.

    The $15 is for both bottles. I buy the best because I’m worth it!
    (insert head toss here)

  3. Just the photo above of the shampoo which looks like “that” gunk is funny enough! LOL. And scrolling down further with Cameron’s bad day photos is even funnier! Surely made my day brighter…Thanks!

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