Identity Theft: It’s the New Sex!

Or at least it seems like it because everyone is doing it. This is the second time some jobless shit bird has tried to steal from us in two weeks.

Today I received a lovely little letter from the Providence Diocese (I worked for them as a school librarian at a Catholic elementary school–worst year of my life, but more on that later). They wrote to inform me that several computers containing employee names and social security numbers were stolen and that I need to put a freeze on my credit and pull my credit report right away to check for fraud.

That’s nice.

So I spent an hour on the phone today calling Equifax and climbing through their damned frustrating phone tree. I could be heard screaming “I want to talk to a person!!!” into the phone on more than one occasion but the blasted computer out and out refused! I did get to look at my credit report online and everything–thank sweet baby Jesus–looks fine so far.

But what the fuck people?? Get jobs!! I have one. My husband has one. All the people I know have one. We work for the man every night and day and we live through it just fine.

People suck!

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  1. Pardon my language, but this S*%T happens to you more than ANYONE ELSE I KNOW! The irony is in how many glasses of wine that we have had, wishing we were someone else…it appears that everyone wants to be YOU! Who knew?!

  2. I guess you should be flattered that people want to BE you so badly! No? I say if someone wants your identity, they have to take the whole thing, the mortgage, the credit card bills, everything! Don’t you agree?

  3. At least they have not been able to get any money or merchandise with your credit.Reason is you seem very vigilant about keeping an eye on it.
    You are not the only one .Kim your stepsister had hers stolen and she got hit hard The ASSHOLE NON WORKING SCUMBAG got about 6000.00 worth of merchandise with her credit and debit card .Oh and her checking.
    So you see your not the only one.Well at least not in our family…
    Love Suzanne

  4. God, that is so scary. Some wierdo needs to be killed. That’s horrible, and it’s my biggest fear.

    Keep well, and be safe.

    Lacy Underall

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