Cupid Can Suck It!

I loathe Valentine’s day. In my opinion, it’s nothing more than an enormous crock of shit. It’s a day of disappointment, and most likely a giant fight. How could it not be when your worth as a person is measured in cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, and romantic dinners. Nothing could ever hold up under this kind of pressure.

We’re supposed to expect that diamond heart necklace from the TV commercials– the JC Penney ad says “Today is the day everyone gets what they want.” (Just in case you missed it fellas, they’re implying that if you buy your sweetie a diamond heart pendant, you’ll get a big bj out of it. Good luck with that.) In reality, what most of us get, if we’re lucky, is a crummy bent up card that says Feliz día de San Valentín, Maria! purchased at the last possible moment from the picked over racks at CVS. Most people I know don’t even get that. Sometimes I don’t get anything either.

And I don’t feel sorry for the singletons. I’d actually rather be single because you don’t expect anything from anyone and you can enjoy a wonderful pity party on the couch with your good pals Ben & Jerry and Kendall Jackson while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary instead of fighting with some thoughtless douche.

So with all of this let down and disappointment during this impossibly retarded holiday, I say screw you St. Valentine. I also say up yours Hallmark, and bite me jewelry people. You did this to us.  You took what could have been a fairly decent holiday and twisted it into something depressing and ugly.

So, I have a homework assignment for you. Tell me about your Valentine’s day–if any of you have had a really romantic one, let us know it isn’t all total bullshit for everyone. If you’ve had an awful one, let us know about that too since it totally proves I’m right.

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  1. My husband asked if we were “doing” cards (it’s a given that we aren’t buying gifts) and I said “if you want to”. So, he went to CVS (apparently well before they were all out of cards, because the one he got is in English) and bought me a beautiful card and he also got a card for my son to give me with a bag of Lindor truffles. I burned the song “Valentine” by Martina McBride onto a CD and left it on the front seat of his truck this morning. He loved it. After 25 years of marriage, it’s little things that count. I don’t need a diamond necklace from him. He’s a wonderful husband. Sorry to be corny!

  2. i took the two woman of my life out to dinner LAST night

    screw the long waits to sit down and screw the slower service on the 14th i say

    the best part was when the waiter brought my daughter her vanilla sundae,she had the biggest smile and said “woowwww…thats my favorite!!!!!”

    other than that…no romance…no hot steamy stories to tell….but still a good night out..considering i had spent the previous 2 days sick in bed

  3. Well I was shocked your Dad got me a nice box of chocolates.I was so happy that he remembered .Oh and I did not share any of it not one piece.
    I have a hard time standing to long so no shopping for a card nor candy but I did make him a wonderful dinner.He did not have to cook he was in heaven.
    We also got the most wonderful card from our grand daughter Charlotte she made it all by herself. Its a keeper.
    Love Nana Bear

  4. Since Jeff has been working so hard w/ school he felt bad that he couldn’t afford much. I felt bad! Those damn Kay commercials! From November though Valentines I cringe every time one comes on. It’s ridiculous, so unrealistic! He did give me a nice card and a cute stuffed monkey. It meant alot, I appreciate it. I did get him a massasge at a local salon. I wanted to treat him for working so hard at school and taking such good care of me the past week and a half. Yeah, I think that gift flopped. He tells me “Ummm, Yeah, I’m not sure about that.” What?! FINE! I’ll use it! Oh well.

  5. Dearest,
    I had to laugh at your thoughts about V-Day. But…

    You have a mind of your own. You thoughtfully recounted all the advertisement pressure accurately. You allowed it to creep into your life as a measure of your self worth. You know it’s all bullshit…so why oh why are you allowing it to set you up for disappointment and hurtful fights. I hate to see you miserable, and I’ve see how you can set yourself up for disappointment, and it never made sense to me.

    Don’t allow all this advertisement crap to dig into your soul.

    I had a lovely V-Day. No disappointment what so ever. I went to the dentist and had my face drilled off. After that I was so glad to be hope with Joon, I went to bed peacefully. No one said I love you, or that I was special, or that I was liked or appreciated in any way, and it was just fine. My self worth comes from within. Besides, Joon purrrrrs with appreciation. Who needs people?

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