New England Patriots vs Antiques Roadshow


I  did not watch the Superbowl last night because I do not care. 

Instead of tuning in for the big event and pigging out on yummy snacks, I opted for a far more relaxing octogenarian style evening.

First I had a nice shot of Tylenol Cold for Nighttime followed by a diet ginger ale with ice and a bendy straw instead of the traditional Superbowl Sunday Bud Light in a can.  

Rather than indulging in nachos and bacon wrapped cocktail weeines, I had a Hoodsie cup. Can you believe they don’t come with wooden spoons anymore? It’s an outrage!

And instead of watching the Patriots get their asses handed to them, I watched Antiques Roadshow.  A woman scored a touchdown when she found out that an old tiger maple desk she had in her attic was worth $34,000.  And you people missed it.

That is what excites me.   Ginger ale and Antiques Roadshow.

It’s true. 

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  1. Hmmm…I don’t know–with Tom Petty on board for the half-time show (with full retro Heartbreaker band) I think it was an octogenarian toss-up for entertainment. Their lack of canes and walkers on stage lent for an interesting spin on “Free Fallin'” though.

  2. We ate beef stew and angel food cake with blueberries and fat free cool whip! No cocktail weenies for us! You missed a good game!

  3. i wish i had watched antique roadshow…i am so upset i could not watch tv or listen to the radio the last few days

    i actually drove to work the last 2 days listening to the wiggles because i didnt want to hear anything about the pats losing

    now i am even more upset that the damn hoodsie cups dont come with wooden spoons now…wtf!

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