Help! Help! I’m being stalked by Rachel Ray!

She is everywhere I am. I drive down 95, she’s there. I turn on my TV, she’s there. I go to Wal-Mart, she’s there.  I have a romantic dinner out with my husband, and you guessed it, she’s there. 

It was our 5th wedding anniversary and we actually went out on a real date! We got dressed up in our nicest outfits. I did the smoky eye, sheer lip and heavily sprayed up-do (I was very careful to stay away from candles), and we drove 53 minutes to the place where we got married. We sat in the room where our reception was held. We ordered what we ate on our wedding day, etc.  It was a lot of fun. 

To commemorate the event, we visited the gift shop to see if there was some sort of trinket to bring home with us.  Well, we didn’t find anything, but right there, where I least expected to see her, there she was on a bottle of EVOO.  

She’s everywhere people, and she’s out for world domination.

Be afraid.

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  1. doh

    i was driving home yesterday turned on the FM tuner and BAM…Rachel Ray-dio

    driving along..bam…i see her on a big billboard

    get home…turn on the tv…bam..duncan donuts commercial….

    flip channels…there she is again…

    dammit…i wouldnt even have noticed if i hadnt read this blog..

    i blame you!!!!

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