The worst has happened.

Work email is broken.

First my bread machine, and now this.

I am freaking out.

In an effort to control my panic, I have consumed a total of 5 Hershey kisses and am contemplating a 6th as I write this. This is some form of terrorist attack. I just know it.

How am I going to waste work time and hyper email my co-worker now? I can’t just get up and go over and talk to her! This means that I might actually have to do work all day. This is intolerable.

Does anyone else have this illness? Total and utter dependence on email? Is there a support group–E-mailers Anonymous or something, someplace where I can go for help?

All is not lost though. At least I have you…

Epilogue: We got email back about 5 minutes after I posted this. Had we not, I would have been searching the office for a means of suicide by about 10:30.

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  1. seeing as I keep checking your site for a new posting I am possibly more pathetic….it’s more than an email dependence–I’m dependent on the email-dependent.

  2. not only do i depend totally and utterly on email, i actually depend on it breaking so that i can have a job.

    i guess that’s having your cake and eating it too. whether email is up or down, i’ve always got something to do.

  3. I am this email dependent at work…it’s a sickness. Yesterday, they had to reload our server and we didn’t have internet/email/access to our shared drive (where EVERYTHING is saved) for 40 minutes. Everyone just stared at their screens, frozen from the inability to do anything without a computer.

    Sad but true.

  4. I just read this! How did I not see it until now? probably because we were incessantly e-mailing all day! Don’t worry I fixed the Johnson rod so hopefully our e-mail won’t be shaquaed anymore.

  5. i agree..the worst has happened when email is down–however for me it’s for different reasons…it means i actually HAVE to work because i HAVE to fricken fix it!

    Every night i pray…we made it through another day…i hope tomorrow is not THE day…

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