O Crissy Where Art Thou?

So here we are folks.  20 days have passed and I am feeling like a motivational failure.  FAILURE.  Which definitely explains why I had chocolate cake for dinner.

No.  I did it because chocolate cake is delicious and we’re all going to die anyway.  Look for my new book, “The Absurdist Diet”, hitting bookstores never because THC.

So devoted fans, followers, lovers former and current, I pose to you this:  What shall we post on Crissy’s blog during these lean times?  Photos of adorable Asian babies?  La musica de Tito Puente?  Weird German fetish videos?

Please leave your love and suggestions in the comments so we can lure the lady dragon back to her word hoard.

Ask Homeslice: version 1.0


And here they are: answers to your most burning life questions from our very own Homeslice!

No video though because Homeslice has the shyness and that’s ok because she’s only a fiver. Girlfriend has stage experience now since she’s been in theater class for two years, so she’s just waiting for an agent to call her at this point. Any […] Continue Reading…